Our team of pediatricians take a collaborative approach to your child’s health care. This means that while you may have one doctor as your primary physician, your file is maintained by the office, ensuring that no matter which of our doctors you see, you will receive continued, consistent care.


Meet The Team

Dr. Amie Dmytryshyn

Dr. Robert Everett

Dr. Shawn George

Dr. Anne Marie Jekyll

Dr. Megan Kilvert 

Dr. Samara Laskin 

Dr. Peter Louie

Dr. Min S. Phang

Dr. Gabrielle Bibas 


Dr. Matthew Carwana 

Dr. Elizabeth de Klerk


Dr. Pernille  Faaborg-Andersen

Dr. Robynn Geier

Dr. Cynthia Kong

Dr. Paul N. Thiessen

Dr. Ai Lin Tiah

Dr. Mara Tietzen

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